Mycro Keratin Madame Madame Kit + Brush

R1,100.00 R1,290.00

The Mycro Keratin Madame Madame Perfect Hair Repair Kit for NORMAL/THICK  hair

Mycro Keratin Madame Madame Shampoo 250ml
For intense vibrant, silky soft and healthy-looking hair use our “Madame Madame” Smoothing Shampoo formulated with natural ingredients and Keratin, penetrating into the hair strands and extending the life of you In-Salon Keratin treatment.
The nanotechnology maintains the Keratin levels in your hair.

Mycro Keratin Madame Madame Conditioner 250ml
The Madame Madame Conditioner is enriched with pure Keratin and natural ingredients that contains active ingredients from the Mycro Keratin In-salon keratin treatment.
Using the Madame Madame conditioner will sustain the lifetime of your In-salon Mycro treatment twice as long as any other conditioner. Mycro Keratin Conditioner will leave your hair feeling incredibly soft, smooth and easy to blow dry

Mycro Keratin Serum 50ml
For an ultra-unique styling, experience use Mycro Keratin Smoothing Serum for vibrant, shiny and silky soft hair.
The serum can be sprayed onto your hands and applied to hair for a smoothing result. It can also be sprayed directly onto the hair to increase shine.
The serum can also be used to protect your hair during heat treatments. This treatment is very light and contains keratin and natural oils that will repair and seal split ends. Micro Keratin Smooth-in Serum is perfume infused and gives your hair a vibrant glamorous look.

The Kit Includes:

  • Mycro Keratin Madame Madame Shampoo 250ml
  • Mycro Keratin Madame Madame Conditioner 250ml
  • Mycro Keratin Serum 50ml
  • Moyoko Mycro Keratin Brush Black
  • Moyoko Mycro Keratin Brush Pink (value R190)