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THE BOTOX HAIRGOLD KIT (Step 1,2,3) by RAYWELL is a professional product developed for the the treatment of split, damaged & thinning hair. The treatment penetrates deep into your hair fiber, filling, volumizing and restructuring damaged layers, resulting in an immediate healthier appearance. A regenerating treatment which will restore your hairs natural beauty leaving your hair detangled, soft and shiny from the very first application. + 30% Volume.

The Raywell Botox HairGold Kit includes:

  • 1 x Botox Hairgold Alkaline Pre Shampoo (1) 150ml
  • 1 x Botox Hairgold Filler Conditioner (2) 150ml
  • 1 x Botox Hairgold Repair Cream No Rinse (3) 150ml
  • 1 x Bio Plex Keratin Shampoo 300ml
  • 1 x Bio Plex Keratin Conditioner 300ml
  • 1 x Ten in One Mask 200ml

Not included in the kit which is required: Thermal hair heat cap

Repeat Treatment: Weekly. If you run out of treatment shampoo use an Alkaline shampoo as your pre shampoo. The alkaline shampoo will open up your hair cuticles before the Filler is applied.

Aftercare Included:

  • The Raywell Bio Plex Keratin Shampoo 300ml is Parabens and Sodium Laureth Sulfte free. The low PH Balance of the shampoo will close and seal your hair cuticle after treatment and will prolong the treatment. 
  • The Raywell Bio Plex Keratin Conditioner 300ml is a Parabens free mask with a low PH Balance and contains deep conditioners, Triglycerine and Keratin which will close and seal your hair cuticle after treatment, leaving your hair with shine & volume
  • The Raywell Ten in One mask is parabens free and offers your hair protection and a complete treatment. Benefits: Heat styling protection, Eliminates Frizz, Leaves your hair shiny, Colour protector, Repairs treated and dry hair, Repairs split-ends, Easy combing of hair, Detangling of hair, Volumizing, Smooth Finish.

Directions for use:

STEP 1. Wash your hair with approx. 10 ml of the Botox Hairgold Pre Shampoo (1). Repeat two times. The alkaline pre-shampoo will give your hair a deep clean and will prepare your hair for the Filler Conditioner

STEP 2. Apply approx. 15 ml of Botox Hairgold Filler Conditioner (2) and massage from roots to tips, Leave for 10 minutes using a thermal hair heat cap, then rinse thoroughly. The Filler Conditioner contains capillary botox which will restructure your hair fiber.

STEP 3. On damp hair, apply small amounts of Botox Hairgold Repair Cream (3) from roots to tips before drying. The Repair Cream will seal your hair cuticle leaving your hair shiny and silky.  

RAYWELL haircare products are made in Italy with only the best quality ingredients selected which go through stringent tests and controls. 

THIS PRODUCT IS FOR ADULT USE ONLY. IF CONTACT IS MADE WITH EYE RINSE WITH WATER IMMEDIATELY AND SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE. The product is considered safe for use, although as with any hair treatment, there is a risk for skin irritation or an allergic reaction.