Cloud Nine Original Iron & Bag

R2,400.00 R2,900.00

The ultra smooth, mineral coated 25mm wide plates on the Cloud Nine Original Iron are baked for 72 hours and will polish and shine your hair without dragging. If you're looking for smooth, straight and sleek hair, or waves, curls and accents, the Cloud Nine Original Iron will help you create your desired style.

Choose the temperature to suit your style and hair, the Cloud Nine Original Iron has seven temperature settings (from 100° to 200°). The one touch temperature control lets you adjust the heat setting easily and the LED display shows what level of heat you're applying.

The micro-computer controlled heat system on the Cloud Nine Original Iron adjusts temperature according to the thermal sensors on the floating plate and the hibernation mode will kick in and the iron switches off when the iron has been switched on and not used for 30 minutes.

Cloud Nine Original Iron can be operated with mains voltage ranging from 90v-240v and will automatically adjust themselves to the varying power source, allowing you to safely travel the world with your iron.

Each Cloud Nine Original Iron is fitted with a RFID (radio-frequency identification) chip with its own unique ID number. This means you can track your iron throughout its life to ensure it's a authentic product sold through an authorised Cloud Nine stockist.

The ball & socket swivel cord lets you enjoy 360° freedom of movement when hair styling. 
The protective heat guard clasps over the irons plates and protects them when the iron is not in use.

Included with the Cloud Nine Original Iron is a luxurious carry pouch and a stylish presentation box.

In the event that your Cloud Nine Original Iron develops a fault, it is covered by a one year manufacturing warranty. The warranty is extended to 2 years if you register your iron on the Cloud Nine official website.

Cloud Nine Original Iron Dimensions:
- Plate Width 2.5cm
- Plate Length 9cm
- Iron Length: 25.6cm
- Iron Weight: 400g
- Cord Length: 2.6m