3D Curly Hair

First, it was bottleneck bangs now it’s 3D curls. 3D curls are set to be one of this years biggest hair trends. Natural hair texture is taking center stage with this amazing aesthetic, but the sought after 3D curl pop takes more than just great genes. 

3D curls is a lifestyle, they are about embracing the multidimensional beauty of curly hair, working with your curls and enhancing the gorgeous, springy texture of your natural curls. 

3D Curly Hair

To make your curls pop and look as dimensional as possible we recommend a specific technique. Use a strong hold gel or balm to define the curls, this will initially create a crunchy cast which should be left alone until the hair is fully dry. Then break the cast of the curls by gently massaging but remember to never run your fingers through the curls or brush them.

3D Curly Hair Trend

Your 3D curls will look best when they are glossy and shiny, so choose products that have a moisturizing factor as well as strong holding ability, and finishing with a shine spray or gently scrunching with a shine serum.

Curly Hair 3D Curls

Curly hair can handle much more product than straight hair, so don’t be afraid to generously use product on your 3D curls to give definition and shine. Ask your stylist to recommend a strong hold product to define your curls, apply a thick layer of it, scrunch and shape your curls, then let your hair dry fully.

3D Curly Hair

You can always use a diffuser with your hairdryer on a very low speed and high heat. Remember to not touch your curls with the diffuser or your hands as they dry and once cool and dry massage out the cast.

Diffuser Curls Hair

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