Brazilian blowout? Keratin treatment? Brazilian straightening? Whichever name used, keratin straightening treatments promise to give unruly hair a semi-permanent dose of manageability and shine.

A brazilian keratin treatment is a long lasting, semi-permanent chemical process that can smooth, straighten and add shine to your hair, will help to cut down your styling time and makes your desired style last much longer.

The Brazilian treatment is a liquid that bonds to your hair to create a protective layer around each strand, effectively diminishing frizz, sealing the cuticle. After applying the treatment the hair is blow dried, straightened, rinsed out, and blow dried again. The heat causes the chemicals to activate and bond to the shaft.

A Brazilian blowout salon treatment will typically use a formula containing formaldehyde to form a protective layer around each strand of hair. When the solution is heated, the formaldehyde in the product is released into the air as a gas. If the salon is not properly ventilated, you, your stylist, and others in the salon are at risk of inhaling the released formaldehyde..

While we recommend leaving a formaldehyde based brazilian keratin treatment to a professional stylist, there is a treatment you can use at home to achieve smooth, frizz-free, straighter-looking hair which doesn't include dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde.

At HAIRHQ we have The Brazilian Keratin Straightening Kit (step 1,2,3) by RAYWELL also known as The Raywell Tannic Lisse Plex Kit. The kit consists of a pre-shampoo, smooth cream & conditioner.

The Formaldehyde Free straightening treatment will straighten and Eliminate Volume & Frizz for up to 12 weeks.

Key Ingredients include Prickly Pear Oil which is rich in Vitamin E & F as well as Vegetable Keratin which will ensure that the molecular structure of your hair remains intact and healthy post treatment.

The Raywell Brazilian Keratin Straightening Kit is made in Italy with only the best quality ingredients selected which go through stringent tests and controls. 

The Key Ingredients which will ensure that your hair will remain healthy are:

  • Prickly Pear Oil which has a rich concentrate of vitamin E and F and an anti-aging action & emollient, leaving your hair in a healthy state once the treatment is complete.
  • Vegetable Keratin allows for volume and will guarantee that the molecular structure of your hair remain intact.
  • To guarantee hair health the treatment does not contain formaldehyde and its derivatives. The lasting effect of the treatment is guaranteed by two ingredients: Tannic (plant polyphenol) & Glyoxylic Acid (organic compound).

The treatment will last up to 12 weeks depending on hair type, application of treatment and post treatment products used on hair and can be used on colour treated hair.

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Raywell Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening Kit

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