In the 1950’s an Italian pharmacist and passionate beekeeper named Dr. Nicola Ciccarelli studied and discovered that the natural and nutrient rich fragrant beeswax guarded by the bees in their impenetrable hives had highly protective and nourishing properties.

Dr. Ciccarelli transformed the beeswax into the perfect ingredient for an effective anti-aging skin treatment, creating an extraordinary cream which helps prevent the first signs of aging and keeping the skin nourished & beautiful.

Today Cera di Cupra Cosmetics are created within the Dr. Ciccarelli Pharmaceutical Laboratories in Italy and combine advanced technologies with a careful selection of the best ingredients and raw materials. The product range has evolved over time and Cera di Cupra has become a favourite skin care brand in 60 countries across the globe. Cera di Cupra cosmetics are 100% Made in Italy. 

The ORIGINAL RECIPE Cera di Cupra Face Cream included virgin beeswax as a key ingredient with nourishing and protective properties, helping prevent the signs of aging and giving your skin a pleasant comfort and softness sensation. This timeless anti-aging recipe is still available today. The BIANCA Face Cream with a lighter texture is ideal for normal & oily skin while the rich composition of the ROSA Face Cream is better suited for dry skin.

The MOISTURIZING LINE of Cera di Cupra face creams are formulated with moisturizing recipes using the richness of organic honey to quench your skin. The Protective Moisturizing Face Cream for normal skin is made with Organic Acacia Honey, the cream is Rich in Vitamins, Sugars & Trace Elements and will hydrate and awaken the luminosity of the skin. The Sensitive Moisturizing Face Cream for dry & sensitive skin contains Rosy Honey, traditionally used to sooth soreness and irritated sensitive skin. Enriched with Jojoba Oil the cream will strengthen the natural protective skin barrier, leaving your skin soft & silky.


The FACE SERUMS line by Cera di Cupra contain a higher concentration of active ingredients and come with a dropper/pipette as only a few drops are required per application. The Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum with hyaluronic acid, honey extract and Vitamin E has a smoothing action against wrinkles and fine lines. The Collagen & Vitamin Face Serum with marine collagen, honey extract & multivitamin complex will help preserve your skins firmness, tone and elasticity. The Manuka Honey Face Serum is a restorative treatment that stimulates epidermal regeneration, for a smoother, younger and more radiant skin.

For YOUR HANDS Cera di Cupra has developed a daily beauty treatment which will leave your skin hydrated and soft. The Nourishing Protective Hand Cream is enriched with cupra honey, virgin beeswax & vegetable glycerine, protecting your hands from daily aggressions and preventing the signs of aging. The Intense Repair Hand Cream is enriched with royal jelly and Asiatic pennywort, helping repair very chapped hands and leaving them soft & protected.  

Honey Micellar Water MAKEUP REMOVER by Cera di Cupra is formulated with acacia honey and will hydrate, reawaken your skins vitality & brighten your face. Gently cleansing and removing makeup and impurities.

The DEPILATORY LINE by Cera di Cupra includes both hair removal creams & wax strips depending on your preference. The Body Wax Strips and Face Wax Strips with argan oil, beeswax, calendula & chamomile will leave your skin extremely smooth and moisturized. The three hair removal creams are for Face & Sensitive Areas, Bikini & Underarm and Legs & Arms.

We have no doubt that Cera Di Cupra will soon become a favorite skin care brand in South Africa!