At HAIRHQ we have been selling hair straighteners online in South Africa since 2013. With our experience we have compiled a list of tips for you to keep in mind when straightening your hair with a salon quality finish and no damage.

Using a hair straightener on your hair regularly and when done incorrectly can damage your hair cuticle, make your hair look dry and it can also further lead to breakage, split ends and hair loss. Straightening your hair with your hair iron less frequently, good knowledge and using a professional straightener will help you keep your hair healthy and vibrant.

The Golden Rule

Always make sure your hair is bone dry before using your hair iron. The golden rule is to NEVER straighten wet or damp hair as the hot plates will cause the moisture on your hair to steam and will lead to permanent hair damage. Using your hair iron over damp or wet hair will create steam which will cause bubbles to form within the hair fibre and will crack along the hair shaft. Once the crack reaches the strands cuticle (which is the outermost part of your hair, and acts as a protectant) damage in the form of split ends and broken hair will occur.

Choose the Right Hair Straightener

Choosing the right hair straightener for your hair type can be intimidating when there are so many to choose from. The combinations of different sizes and finishes are seemingly endless, so it may be difficult to choose the correct one for you. We encourage out customer to contact HAIRHQ Customer Care who will gladly assist in helping you choose a hair iron which will meet your needs

The most common straighteners have ceramic or titanium plates. If you have thicker hair, you may want to opt for a titanium straightener. The titanium allows for faster heat transfer, which means even more immediate and superior results. Ceramic straighteners glide easily through the hair and provide quick and even heat. They're great for use on most hair types.

Hair Straightener brands available at HAIRHQ: ghd, Veaudry, Moyoko, Silver Bullet, Brasil Cacau, Glampalm

Which Size Straightener Should You Use

The size of hair iron you choose will have a big impact on your satisfaction with the product you purchase. Do you choose a standard size straightener or a wide plate hair iron?

To start you should take these questions into account:

  • How long is your hair, long, mid length or short?
  • Do you have fine or coarse hair?
  • How much time do you have to style your hair?
  • Do you only want to straighten or do you also want to curl your hair?

At HAIRHQ we keep a broad selection of Standard & Wide Straighteners

Prepping Your Hair For Heat Styling

A must for any type of heat styling is a good quality heat protector. Just like wearing sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun, you should put a protectant over your hair when using your hair straightener to protect your hair from the heat which the plates of your hair iron generate.

Use Your Straightener Correctly

When it comes to the technique, clamp the straightener around small sections at a time, leaving a one finger distance away from your scalp, to avoid burning your hair head. Firmly hold the straightener and glide it down your hair till the ends. Keep the motion moving and never stop or pause mid-section to avoid burning your hair. If you see smoke arising from your hair, stop and let the hair cool down before resuming, hopefully you aren’t using your hair iron on wet or damp hair!

Putting the Heat Setting on your Straightener too High

Turning your straightener up to the highest heat setting seems to makes sense. The hotter it is, the faster it'll do its job right? Wrong. It's tempting to turn it all the way up to get the job done more quickly, but it will only cause more damage.

Use a Sulphate Free Shampoo & Conditioner

You can have the best straightener in the world, but if you're not using a top quality shampoo and conditioner it won't matter. Unfortunately, a lot of hair products contain sulphates that dry out your hair. If you're straightening and blow-drying often it is recommended to go for sulphate free shampoos and conditioners that will keep your hair in good healthy shape.

We hope these Tips help you keep your hair healthy & happy!

Professional hair care brands available at HAIRHQ:
ghd, Veaudry, Moyoko, Brasil Cacau, Silver Bullet, Glampalm, Raywell, Elchim, HAIRHQ, BHE

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