Is there a big difference between a professional and a cheap hair brush?

It’s safe to say that investing on an essential like a hair brush that you will use almost every day is well worth the money. Not only will you get a product that will last you longer, but whether you are simply detangling your hair or styling a blowout, your hair will reap the benefits for many years. When looking to invest in a new set of hair brushes the following four features should be taken into account: the size of the brush; the handle; its shape; the bristles.

A cheaper hair brush can do more harm than good in the long run.

A cheap hairbrush can damage your hair as the bristles often burn and melt with the heat of a hairdryer, while professional hair brushes are made to be heat resistant. Low quality bristles on a hair brush also lack polishing power, resulting in a mediocre hairstyle. Professional hair brushes are made with better quality materials and will last longer.

Create great styles with professional hair brushes

With a professional ceramic vented brushes you can achieve a shiny, frizz-free look as tension and a firm grip are important factors. A well-crafted brush will grip your hair firmly and help polish the cuticle to a glossy smooth finish.

Which hairbrush should you use?

Ceramic Vented Round Brush
Ceramic vented brushes come in different sizes for different hair lengths and styles one wants to create. The large vents help speed up drying time as they allow hot air to flow through the brush. The Ceramic barrel of the brush also heat up quickly for a more efficient blow out.

Paddle Brush
A paddle brush can be used for detangling and smoothing naturally straight hair while the air filled cushion of a paddle brush will bend with your sculp to minimize pulling of the hair.

Oval Dressing Brush
The Oval dressing brush is a styling classic for mid to long length hair. Usually made from natural bristles which will help distribute the hair’s natural conditioning oils along the hair shaft while adding shine as you brush.

Detangling Brush
Hair and especially fine hair is prone to breakage, so you will want to use a detangling brush with thin, flexible bristles to detangle your hair either in the shower or while you hair is still wet.

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