Parlux Hairdryer .... Made in Italy

Parlux is still one of the most popular hairdryer brands you will find in salons today.
Sporting a healthy range of models in its product range, at Hair Headquarters we stock the three most popular Parlux models.

Parlux 2800 Professional

The Parlux 2800 Professional hairdryer has established itself as a very popular professional dryer, as it has a powerful and long lasting motor (1760 watts) and is also relatively light in weight (598 grams).

Parlux 3200 Compact

The Parlux 3200 Compact hairdryer is without doubt, the most widely used professional hairdryer on the market today.
Not only is it a favourite amongst leading salons but it is perfect for everyday home use as well.
The Parlux 3200 Compact boasts a 1900 watt motor and is lightweight at 530 grams.

Parlux Advance

The latest model launched is the Parlux Advance hairdryer, an innovative and technologically advanced hairdryer.
Featuring the brand new 2200 watt K-Advance motor, the Parlux Advance gives superior performance with more power and a longer lifespan.
Parlux have created an exceptionally light hairdryer (380 grams) which is also their quietest model yet with a built-in silencer.
Complete with ionic ceramic technology it guarantees healthy, static-free hair.

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