Thanks to Generation Z middle part hairstyles have made a huge comeback! Check out 10 of our favorite middle part style ideas for 2022.

1. Centre Parted Afro

There are lots of styling options for middle part natural hairstyles without straightening & we absolutely love the big curly Afro. Use a tail comb and make a clean line from the top of the crown to the hairline and use paste to smooth any fly-aways.

2. Glam Middle Part

Create soft waves by brushing out your curled locks and add a hold shine spray and add some hair jewelry for some extra glam.

3. Middle Part Bob

The timeless bob has received a new trendy twist. Here is how to style your bob for a natural and stylish look. After creating waves with a flat, prepare a pomade with oil and work it really well through your hands, then apply by starting at the ends and working your way up to the part. Gently smooth the part and work down around the face. Shake it up by moving side to side to give this a lived-in

4. Curly Hair Middle Part

Gift yourself face framing layers to bring attention to your facial features. Make your middle part after washing your hair, then apply a curls cream and gel to style your curls. 

5. Double Dutch Braids with Middle Parting

Ensure that your parting is perfectly styled by using a pomade and shine spray to keep all the fly-aways down that will make a sleek and sophisticated look.

6. Curtain Bangs with Middle Part

Curtain bangs are central to many modern middle part hairstyles. Make sure you have your hair part the way you want to wear it before going for a look like this. Stronghold hair spray will work wonders to hold your style all day.

7. Half Up Half Down Middle Part

You can make a middle part look fancy by adding multiple layers to your style.  A half up half down hairstyle is also a great way to feature your hair length while bringing the strands away from your face.

8. Pixie Hairstyle with Middle Part

Pixie middle part is a perfect way to change up your entire look when you want to dress up from your everyday look. To get a necessary shape, use a hair gel, hold the sides down with hair clips and let it air dry in this position.

9. Ponytail with Middle Part

Curtain fringe or center-parted front layers look super sassy with a ponytail or high bun hairstyles. Section out the front two pieces of your hair and clip them away, put the rest of your hair in a ponytail and secure it, then release the front two pieces. Take a tail comb and get your middle part perfect. Gently curl the front and the ponytail ends to make it more dressy. Finish the hairstyle off with a stronghold hairspray.

10. Hat Hairstyle with Middle Part

Have your hair completely styled and in place before adding a hat. Tilt the hat back slightly to ensure you can still see your middle part. This will create a laid-back style that still highlights your face shape.

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