Silver Bullet have a broad range of Titanium and Ceramic Straighteners both with standard size (25mm) and wide plates (38mm). Our guide will help you decide which Silver Bullet Straightener is best suited for your hair type and styling requirements.


The size of hair iron you choose will have a big impact on your satisfaction with the product you purchase. Before you decide whether you need a ceramic or titanium plated hair iron or one with temperature control, you should first decide on the size best suited for your styling desires.

Standard Size Straighteners

Standard size straighteners have a plate width of 25mm which is suitable for average hair lengths and thicknesses and are versatile enough to use for straightening or curling your hair.

Standard size hair irons are ideal for normal hair even if there’s quite a bit of natural curl. You will be able to work through the hair quickly and easily and you will still have plenty of precision.

Curling your hair with a standard size hair iron will allow you to create big, loose curls which look great in half-up and half-down styles. If you are looking to create waves then a standard size iron is also recommended.

The best thing about buying a regular sized straightener is that you get the widest range to choose from. All brands of hair straighteners will have at least one model to choose from so you can focus on the straightener with the best features and design for you.

Wide Plate Straighteners

The Silver Bullet Wide Plate Iron have a plate width of 38mm. If you have hard to straighten hair (very long, thick or coarse) or you want to be able to style in a hurry, a wide plate hair iron may work best.

The larger plates on a wide plate hair iron are not very useful if you are looking to curl your hair with your hair iron. If you have super long hair and want to be able to curl, you are better off buying a standard size iron and be prepared to spend a lot more time on straightening your hair.

If you want to straighten curly hair that’s really coarse or stubborn which takes ages with a standard size iron, you will probably appreciate the time saving factor of a wide plate iron.

On the subject of time saving, regardless of whether you have mid or long hair, if you like to spend as little time straightening your hair as possible, then a wide plate iron may be a good option.


Ceramic Straighteners

Thanks to the even heat distribution; ceramic straighteners don’t create cold or overheated spots, minimizing hair damage. Ceramic plates also help eliminate frizz and the plates are extremely smooth, so they are less likely to pull hair.

Ceramic Straighteners are suitable for pretty much any hair type, depending on the heat settings of the particular tool. Thin, fragile or damaged hair requires lower temperatures, and many ceramic flat irons have the appropriate settings.

Titanium Straighteners

Titanium hair straighteners deliver the fastest heat transfer for immediate and superior results. However, you should be careful with the temp settings to reduce hair damage as much as possible.

Titanium Straighteners are recommended for ladies with healthy, thick & coarse hair. If you have fine or normal hair you can use a titanium straightener. Start with a lower heat setting and be careful to avoid burning your locks.


Silver Bullet Titanium Standard Straighteners (25mm)

Silver Bullet Titanium Wide Straighteners (38mm)


Silver Bullet Ceramic Standard Straighteners (25mm)

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