Queen Cleopatra brought two great ancient Roman war lords to their knees through the power of scent, it is said that her fragrance aroused these great men enough to appease them – it turns out that the link between smell and seduction is as ancient as time as and more powerful than the greatest of men. 

Scents stimulate nerves in the nose that send impulses to the brain, which then travels to the limbic system in the brain that controls blood pressure, breathing, heart rate, hormone balance, memory, and stress levels - talk about an effect.

Perfume has proven to be the most intense form of memory, as men are less likely to remember the handbag you wore to a date, however they always remember the smell ladies, so define yourself with rich scents, and select your seductive power from Hair HQ’s exquisite market leading range of fragrance for women brands.

Your beauty ritual is never complete without your perfume, and nor are you fully dressed without it. Perfume compliments your personality, and is the finishing touch to your outfit as it improves your confidence, and enhances your mood and what is more attractive than a fulfilled woman who smells good?

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