RAYWELL a proudly Italian company born in Milano in 1987.

Raywell, the first line of Intercosmetics, was born in 1987, thanks to the careful choice of raw materials, the richness of the active ingredients in the formulas and the numerous university tests and microbiological controls, guarantees the creation of reliable, high quality products that manage to mix its authentic style, to the new needs of the time, giving life to a single goal: an innovative product for every need.

Raywell has been active in the professional hair care sector since 1989 Raywell products are now distributed from the Raywell production laboratories in Milano Italy to salons across the world. The RAYWELL production laboratories are supported by a team of researchers and medical officers that guarantee only the best quality products are manufactured.

The RAYWELL philosophy 

The Raywell product range includes:

  • Tecno  Performer
    Professional range including: Color Plex, Antiyellow, Keratin Lissage, Pastel Colors, Plex Perm,  
  • Bio Nature
    Green range including Treatments: Antifall, Moisturizing, Esfolian, Volumizing, Normalizing, Speedy Hair, Ten in One.
  • Treatments
    Botox Hair Gold, Brazilian Keratin, Shine Filler, Bio Plex
  • Styler & Finish
    Mode fashion line: Gel, Cream, Mousse, Wax
  • Barber
    Barber Mode: Aftershave, Wax, Oil, Pomade, Gum

The Raywell Brazilian Keratin Home Straightening Kit (step 1,2,3) also known as The Raywell Tannic Lisse Plex Kit.

The Formaldehyde Free straightening treatment will straighten and Eliminate Volume & Frizz for up to 12 weeks.
Key Ingredients include Prickly Pear Oil which is rich in Vitamin E & F as well as Vegetable Keratin which will ensure that the molecular structure of your hair remains intact and healthy post treatment.

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