Although long hair may has a reputation for versatility, short hair has just as much styling potential and there is a style to suit everyone. Here are some of our favorite short hairstyles.

1. Braided Side Natural Short Hair

Braids will add personality and unique touch to short hair. For ladies with natural short hair braiding the sides will create a striking visual contrast with your loose curls and is also less time consuming than cornrowing all your hair.

2. Messy Short Spikes

Messy, short spiky hair looks great on women. The  trick is to make sure your spikes aren’t too structured or stiff. Rather go for a tousled, textured look with all the angles and volume.

3. Mohawk

Show off your edgy punk side with a mohawk. Soften the central section by using less product and style your hair into upright waves and curls for a stylish undone effect.

4. Dutch Braid Pigtails

Dutch braid pigtails  are a cool and stylish option for short hair. You won’t have any pesky strands in your face as your hair is woven into plaits, which is also ideal for when you want to show off statement make-up and earrings.

Dutch braid pigtails

5. Messy Bowl Cut

A messy bowl cut is a great statement look for short hair, a hairstyle that stands out and attracts attention. For ladies who love to express their offbeat and artistic side.

 Messy Bowl Hairstyle

6. Temple Shave Pixie

It’s all about attitude with the temple shave pixie cut which marries an undercut effect with asymmetric side bangs to create a statement hairstyle that defies expectations. 

Temple Shave Pixie Hairstyle

7. The Buzz Cut

For the ladies who want the boldest take on short hair there is nothing like a full buzz cut. Cool, chic, and very low maintenance, the buzz cut is perfect for confident ladies who like to stand out.

Buzz Cut Hairstyle

8. Curly Pixie with Bangs

The wonderful thing about the pixie hairstyle is that it is incredibly versatile and can be recreated with various hair textures and types, especially if you are blessed with naturally curly hair

9. The Layered Bob

The layered bob is incredibly flattering which will suit most hair types. A popular choice as the layers frame the face, and women of all ages can wear it. 

10. Pink Bob with Bangs

A pink bob with bangs is perfect to express yourself and show off your personality. The bob is a classic because it looks fresh and can be adapted to suit your style. 

11. Graduated Bob

A graduated bob is longer at the front with a tapered back and stacked layers, giving the back of your hair more volume. Can also be created on various hair lengths and textures but tends to stand out on straight hair as it will enhance the dimension of your cut.

12. Side Parted Bob with Hair Barrette

Hair barrettes were first popular in the 80s, but they are enjoying a resurgence of popularity. There are many ways to wear it, including pulling the hair away from your face in a side parted bob. 

13. Asymmetrical Short Hairstyle

An asymmetrical short hairstyle is shorter on one side and longer on the other. This will creates a very cool and edgy appearance, and will draw the eye towards your jawline and eyes. This style can be flattering and youthful and can also make your face appear thinner. 

14. Pixie Cut with Bleached Hair on Top

Bleached hair is hard to miss, but that is part of the appeal and can also create a very stylish and modern appearance and will help to make your hair appear thicker and fuller. Deciding to bleach the top of your hair and leaving the rest your natural color will create a stunning contrast.

15. Tousled Bob

The appeal of a tousled bob is its disheveled, messy appearance. It creates softness and will highlight your features and frame your face. The cut needs to have layers to achieve this appearance.

16. Short Yarn Braids

Short yarn braids are a great alternative to traditional braided hair. They are considered a protective style as the acrylic yarn protects your natural hair from the elements as well as being stylish and versatile. 

17. Short Knotless Braids

Box braids are one of the most iconic hair looks, cool, edgy and pretty. Short box braids will create a gorgeous lob effect that flatters many different face shapes. The knotless technique will put less tension on your scalp and do less damage to your natural hair.

18. Side Swept Pixie

The pixie haircut is truly iconic and suits women of all ages. A side swept pixie cut flatters heart shaped and square faces and is also a great way to add more dimension and direction to finer hair.

19. Short Twists

For ladies with natural hair, short twists are an amazing hairstyle, perfect for when you are growing out a buzz cut or just had the big chop, these mini versions of a two strand twist create a cool yet cute look.

20. Short Bob with Curtain Bangs

The bob is a timeless classic and remains a favorite due of its versatility. It looks great on women of all ages and can easily be adapted to suit your hair texture and type. For modern twist, pair it with curtain bangs. 

21. Short Ponytail Hairstyle

The ponytail is one of the most simple and versatile updos, requires little skill, minimal styling, and it is easy to dress up or down. The style also works with hair of all lengths and textures and can suit every face shape.


22. Short Layered Cut for Thick Hair

If you have thick hair you may want to keep it short because it is easier to wear and much more manageable. A layered cut is a fantastic choice because it removes weight from the hair but still allows movement. 


23. Short Bantu Knots on Natural Hair

Bantu knots are a protective style that can be traced back to the Zulu tribes in South Africa. They can be styled on hair of various textures and lengths. If you have short hair, Bantu knots will leave you with a simple yet stylish look.

24. Spiky Short Hair

Spiky short hair has a 90's feel but it is trending again because of how cool and textured the look can be. This is a fantastic choice for a woman who wants to have some fun with her hair and achieve a look with interesting angles and volume. 

25. Fluffy Pixie Cut on Natural Hair

Fluffy hair is one of the best textures because it is voluminous and soft, giving your hair dimension and making it appear healthy and full. You can create it with heat styling, opting for a slightly messy and unstructured appearance helps to achieve a more relaxed aesthetic.

26. Platinum Blonde Short Hair

Platinum blonde hair suits most skin tones, especially those with a warm, neutral color and complements all eye colors. It also adds brightness to your appearance and is bound to draw attention to your face regardless of your hairstyle.

27. Short Orange Shag Haircut

The Shag haircut gained popularity in the 70s. It is defined by the choppy layered finish which gives it volume and texture. This haircut is versatile and can be adapted to suit hair of all textures and most face shapes. 

28. Tight Curly Afro

Embracing your natural texture and opting to wear it in a big and bold hairstyle is empowering and can also be worn long or short, but tight curls which feature small twisted ringlets and tend to be kinky make for a fantastic choice. 


29. Slicked-Back Platinum Blond Hair

Platinum blond is undeniably one of the most gorgeous colors. It is bold, bright, and demands attention, making even the most basic haircut appear chicer. 


30. Voluminous Short Natural Hair

Embrace your natural hair and take a break from heat styling or braids. It allows you to show off your hair texture and wear it with pride. It is also healthy for your hair, giving it a break. 


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