The Innovative Steam Hair Straightener

The Steam Hair Straightener is a newer and more innovative way of straightening your hair. A Steam Hair Straightener will not only straighten your hair beautifully but will offer your hair protection when used correctly.

The Steam Hair Straighteners will infuse moisture into your hair, plumping up your hair shaft and keeping your hair from drying out.

Frizzy hair can be your hair’s way of telling you it is lacking moisture, which is why dry hair is usually frizzier than healthy, moisturized hair. With moisture being put directly into the shaft during straightening, there’ll be no need for your hair to seek it elsewhere.

Can steam hair straighteners damage your hair?

Any hair straightener professional or not can damage your hair to some degree if not used correctly. With a steam hair iron, your hair can become weak and split if warm steam and the hot hair iron plates are held at a section of your hair for too long. This would be same as putting your hair in boiling water.

When using your steam hair straightener make sure it is set at a safe temperature and that you don’t stay on a section of hair for very long. It is also recommended that you use a heat protector on your hair when using your steam hair straightener as might not be inherently damaging to your hair, but it’s still heat, and your hair needs to be protected by a heat protector.

In the HairHQ Store

At HairHQ we stock the SteamPlus Professional Steam Hair Straightener which we have had in our store since 2018 with customer reviews being very positive.

Remember to always use a heat protector on your hair when using your hair straightener, steam or not! We have the ghd Heat Protect Spray and the Brasil Cacau Thermal Protector in store.

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ghd, Veaudry, Moyoko, Brasil Cacau, Silver Bullet, Glampalm, Raywell, Elchim, HAIRHQ, BHE

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