Is there really a difference between professional and convenience store hair care products? Do you really have to buy that salon shampoo & conditioner? We lay it all out for you to decide.

Professional hair care products tend to be on the pricier side as they are highly concentrated with high quality ingredients. They often consist of vitamins, oils, and minerals that are truly nourishing yet too pricey to exist in most convenience store options. These shampoos also include fewer fillers than their convenience store counterparts, preventing that waxy build-up, and instead, hydrating from within. Because these premium shampoos are more concentrated, you don’t need to use as much to see results.

In the long run, most would agree that you end up spending about the same, no matter which side of the coin you choose. The major difference is that salon products last longer and contain higher amounts of quality ingredients that truly are better for your hair.

Professional Shampoo's are PH Balanced.

Your scalp and hair have an efficient mechanism to protect itself which works best at a low PH level, ensuring the hair cuticles are well-sealed so that your hair is stronger and shinier. Ideally the PH level of hair products should be less than 5.5. 

Shampoos with a low PH level are gentle, non-stripping, moisture-rich, will preserve your hair and scalp’s natural oils and protect your hair against frizz causing damage. Low PH shampoo’s do not contain harsh surfactants such as sulfates, parabens, sodium chloride and silicone.

RAYWELL Professional Haircare Products are Made in Italy with only the best quality ingredients selected which go through stringent tests and controls.

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