GHD has long ruled the hair straighteners roost, but when it comes to hair dryers GHD hasn't had it quite so easy. Having retired its GHD Aura a few years back, GHD's only remaining full sized hairdryer has been the GHD Air Hairdryer. With other brands snapping at GHD Air's heels, the GHD Helios Professional Hairdryer has arrived just in time. 

The 510 gram GHD Helios hairdryer is smaller, sleeker and 20% lighter than the GHD Air Hairdryer. GHD Air's extra weight never really caused any issues thanks to its perfect balance, and the GHD Helios follows suit. Its handle shape is slightly more slender, making it more comfortable to hold and the weight is beautifully balanced too.

The shell of the GHD Air feels a little rough to the touch while the shell of the Helios feels smoother, silkier and silicone like. It also replaces the hard plastic hook by the cable with a soft silicone loop which is attractively branded. 

ghd Air Hairdryer

The GHD Helios hairdryer has had a motor boost, 2,200w up from the GHD Air’s 2,100w. The speed of the GHD Helios comes from the revolutionary AeroPrecis technology, a system that uses a longer life brushless motor with a built in power supply to create a blast of focused air travelling at 125km/h. This technology is coupled with GHD’s redesigned curved nozzle that curves at the end which is engineered to reduce air turbulence. The combination of speed and power removes water from the hair quickly, while the nozzle reduces frizz. Drying and styling your hair with the GHD Helios will result in smooth, shiny hair with less frizz and very few fly-aways.

ghd Helios Hairdryer

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