The Raywell Shine Filler Kit is a formulated to strengthen, regenerate and protect the hair fiber. With anti aging properties the treatment will protect your hair from external influences such as sun and heat appliances and will leave your hair with more volume, shiny and more resistant to damage. 

Raywell Shine Filler Kit Benefits:
  • Includes ingredients that are rich in natural hyaluronic acid with progressive release and cuticle molecule based on vegetable keratins, with a high protection system.
  • Formulated to regenerate, strengthen & protect your hair fiber from all external influences, including heat appliances such as straighteners and hairdryers.
  • Will provide anti-ageing properties to your hair.
  • Silver pigment will enhance the high-gloss effect and natural reflections.
  • Repairs split ends and will leave your hair glossy.
  • The acidic PH value will close the hair cuticles and repair split ends.
  • Helps the natural production of collagen, regenerating the hair fibers. 
  • Suitable for all hair types.
  • Has an anti-ageing effect 
The Shine & Protect Filler Kit includes: 1 x Shine Filler Shampoo (1) 150ml, 1 x Shine Filler Mask (2) 150ml, 1 x Shine Filler Serum (3) 80ml.
Raywell Shine Filler Kit

At HAIRHQ we also stock these professional RAYWELL treatments:

THE BRAZILIAN KERATIN STRAIGHTENING KIT (step 1,2,3) by RAYWELL also known as The Raywell Tannic Lisse Plex Kit. 

The Formaldehyde Free straightening treatment will straighten and Eliminate Volume & Frizz for up to 12 weeks.

Key Ingredients include Prickly Pear Oil which is rich in Vitamin E & F as well as Vegetable Keratin which will ensure that the molecular structure of your hair remains intact and healthy post treatment.

Brazilian Keratin Straightening Kit by Raywell

THE BOTOX HAIRGOLD KIT (Step 1,2,3) by RAYWELL is a professional product developed for the the treatment of split, damaged & thinning hair. The treatment penetrates deep into your hair fiber, filling, volumizing and restructuring damaged layers, resulting in an immediate healthier appearance. A regenerating treatment which will restore your hairs natural beauty leaving your hair detangled, soft and shiny from the very first application. + 30% Volume.

Raywell Botox Hairgold Treatment Step 1,2,3

Raywell professional hair care products are made in Italy with only the best quality ingredients used.

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