Shea Butter is in basically every hair product from shampoo’s to conditioners and is a must for moisturizing dry, coyly and curly hair as it not only helps seal in hydration and smooth rough cuticles for fewer tangles, but will also leave your hair looking shiny and healthy.

Shea butter is the fat derived from the nuts of shea trees and is essentially a solidified oil and in its raw form has a thick, semi-hard consistency similar to coconut oil or cocoa butter. Shea butter is filled with all-star skin and hair components, like fatty acids and vitamins A, D & E, which is why it’s so often added to hair products.

Your hair will either love or hate shea butter depending on your hair’s ability to absorb and retain hydration. On thin or fine hair, shea butter can leave your hair feeling greasy and lank due to the richness. But on coarser or dry hair, shea butter can be amazing at moisturizing your hair and smoothing it.

Even though it is naturally solid, Shea butter is actually an oil, and oils can be separated into two categories, moisturizing and sealing. A moisturizing oil like sunflower has a small enough molecular size to be able to penetrate your hair strand and hydrate it from within. A sealing oil like jojoba has a large molecular size, which can only coat the surface of your strand to seal in existing hydration and prevent it from escaping.

Then there are a few magical oils like Shea Butter which both moisturizes and seals, so it has the ability to hydrate the cortex of your hair cuticle, then trap that moisture inside. It is not only the oil like properties that make Shea Butter great for hair, it is also rich in Fatty Acids which will help trap the keratin in your hair to keep it strong & Vitamin E which will help protect against damage causing free radicals.

At HAIRHQ we stock The Raywell bioWAVE range which is purely dedicated to curly hair and will leave you with perfectly defined curls thanks to the elasticity power of the Miristyl CP Polymer and the precious Shea Butter which also has a deep conditioning effect.

RAYWELL Professional Haircare Products are Made in Italy with only the best quality ingredients selected which go through stringent tests and controls.

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