At HairHQ we stock a professional range of hair straighteners used by professional hairstylists.

We often get asked which hair straightener is less damaging on hair which is a difficult question for us to answer, below is some information which will help you decide which hair straightener is better suited to your styling requirements.

Ceramic Straightener vs Titanium Straightener vs Steam Straightener

Ceramic straighteners are suitable for any hair type. Thin, fragile or damaged hair requires lower temperatures, and many ceramic hair straighteners have a temperature control feature.

Titanium hair straighteners deliver fast heat transfer for immediate results and are recommended for ladies with healthy, thick & coarse hair. You can still use a titanium straighter if you fine or normal hair but start with a lower heat setting and be careful to avoid burning your hair.

A Steam Straightener will not only straighten your hair but will offer your hair protection when used correctly. The steam that the steam straightener produces will infuse moisture into your hair and keeping your hair from drying out.

Ceramic Straightener we stock: ghd, Veaudry, Moyoko Mycro Keratin, GlamPalm, BHE
Titanium Straighteners we stock: Silver Bullet, Brasil Cacau, Label.M
Steam Straighteners we stock: Steamplus Professional Steam Hair Iron

Standard Size Straightener vs Wide Straightener

Choosing the correct plate size for your hair type and hair length, and styling needs will help you reduce hair damage while still achieving your desired look.

The larger the plates on a hair straightener the more heat will be applied to your hair. The main benefit of larger plates is that is makes it easier to style larger sections of hair.

If your hair is very thick or curly, large plates will produce results more quickly and you won’t need to straighten the same section of hair over and over again.

ghd Stylers don't have a temperature control for a reason

Scientists at the ghd R&D facility in Cambridge UK have concluded that the optimum temperature for straightening and styling hair without causing any damage is 185 Degrees C. ghd Stylers have therefore been developed and manufactured with an ON/OFF button only. When turned on the ghd Styler will heat up to 185 Deg C is a few seconds.

All Ghd Straighteners we stock at HairHQ
ghd standard size straightener – ghd The Original IV Styler; ghd Gold Styler
ghd wide plate straightener – ghd Max Styler
ghd narrow plate straightener – ghd Mini Styler

Hair damage reducing Infrared Technology of Moyoko Mycro Keratin Straighteners

The Infrared Light of the Moyoko Mycro Keratin Straighteners will heat your hair from the inside out helping reduce hair damage by up to 60%, allowing your hair to retain its moisture while increasing shine and manageability.

The Ionic Generator of Moyoko Straighteners emits ions into your hair while straightening, leaving your hair smooth, frizz-free and manageable.

The Tourmaline Infused Floating Plates deliver optimal even heat distribution while styling ensuring the smoothest glide over your hair.

The salon quality Veaudry straightener will ensure health & hair vivacity

The tourmaline ceramic plates of Veaudry Straighteners ensure that your hair is protected when styling while retaining its natural moisture and shine.

Veaudry straighteners have a variable temperature control giving you full control of your hairs requirements & the dual micro-chip temperature control ensures even heat distribution across the plates.

Styling Tips

Always remember that any hair straightener, professional or not can damage your hair to some degree if not used correctly.

Only use your hair straightener on dry hair only. Never use your hair iron on wet hair as your hair will literally be ‘cooked’. The lower the temperature of the plates the less damage to your hair.

To protect your hair against the extreme heat of your hair straighter always use a a heat protect spray when straightening your hair. We stock the ghd Heat Protect Spray and the Brasil Cacau Thermal Protector.

Reduce your reliance on your straightener by shampooing your hair every second day. The additional oil your hair accumulates will protect it, and your style will last longer.

Straighten your hair in small sections so that you only need to straighten each section once. Running the same section of hair through your straightener repeatedly will break and damage your hair.

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