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The Brasil Cacau Accelerator PRO+ Titanium Iron is the ultimate professional iron to exquisitely style, straighten and curl hair. An evolution of the Brasil Cacau Accelerator Iron with wider 38mm and longer 127mm titanium plates, this iron is the perfect choice for thicker and coarser hair that just needs more concentration of heat.

The Brasil Cacau PRO+ Straightener is ideal for use in salon or at home smoothing and straightening treatments. 

The floating plates of the Brasil Cacau PRO+ hair iron ensure perfect contact with the hair with every pass for quicker styling and less damage.

The Brasil Cacau PRO+ has an LCD digital temperature control from 80-230ºC for versatile styling options and a temperature lock function for safe and consistent styling with no heat dips during use.

The Brasil Cacau PRO+ straightener has a 3m long long and swivel action for ease of use and automatically shuts off after 1 hour without use.

Brasil Cacau straighteners come with a 6 month warranty

    The Brasil Cacau Primer is a revolutionary pump formula with a host of benefits for your hair. Actively protects the hair from heat damage and leaves it healthy, silky and frizz-free with just a few pumps and massaging. Apply to damp hair before you straighten, curl or blow-dry for radiant, frizz-free, shiny and sleek hair.

    Offers daily protection by closing hair cuticles so heat styling is more effective and lasts longer. Protects the hair from frizz, helping to keep your style lasting all day without an issue. Supremely nourishing ingredients work as a buffer between heat and your hair to drastically reduce damage from hot styling tools.

    Active ingredients are activated when paired with heat from styling tools for enhanced benefits

    Rich in keratin to restore radiance and silkiness in hair strands, panthenol which provides hydration and cacao which is an antioxidant and revitalizes the hair, protects it from environmental damage and provides intense radiance

    Apply to wet hair and work from roots to tips before heat styling or brushing with a frizz control brush for instant volume frizz-free results

    Creates protective shield around hair shaft for protection against environmental exposures such as UV rays

    5 Protective Functions:

    • Anti-Frizz: forms a protective film that seals the cuticle
    • Sun Protection: reduces the damage caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight
    • Thermal Protection: protects the hair from the heat of the flat iron, curling tong or hair dryer
    • Antioxidant: Cocoa contains flavonoids called catechins, very effective antioxidants that prevents premature aging of hair
    • Anti-Humidity: increases brushing and styling durability so styles last all day with radiant shine without being dragged down by humidity

    The Exfoliating Scalp Massage Shampoo Brush with 19 gentle silicone pins is perfect for giving your hair & scalp a gentle and thorough deep clean, while removing product build up.


    • Deep cleans hair root and exfoliates dead scalp cells
    • Removes dirt unable to be reached normally
    • Ease itchiness, Reducing dandruff
    • Promotes blood circulation and Stimulates hair growth
    • Enjoyable and refreshing shampooing experience