Raywell Hair Loss Prevention Treatment for Men




The Raywell Bio Hair Loss Prevention Treatment for Men is a high performance trichology line (study and treatment of human hair and scalp), formulated with green cosmetics. Sulfates and Parabens free.

Frequency of use:
This is a 7 week treatment. Use 2 vials per week for the first 3 weeks, then 1 vial per week for the remainder of treatment. Hair can be washed as per normal during treatment period.

Directions for use:
Step 1: Use approx. 10ml of the Raywell bioCafa Shampoo to wash hair then rinse and towel dry well.
Step 2: Apply 5ml of Raywell bioAct Lotion on your scalp and leave for 5 minutes.
Step 3: Pour the content of a vial of the Raywell bioCafa lotion evenly on your scalp and massage slowly tapping the lotion with fingertips until it is completely absorbed.

WARNING: May irritate sensitive skin, if irritation and redness persists rinse with fresh water.

Raywell bioCafa Shampoo (step 1)
Raywell Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo for Men with botanic ingredients. Contains Green Coffee, Camellia Oil and Bioproline. Sulfate and Paraben Free. Stimulates hair re-growth, combats the formation of free radicals and leaves hair shiny.

Raywell bioAct Scalp Activating Lotion (step 2)
Activating lotion, helps improve the microcirculation’s functionality, oxygenating and preparing the follicles to better absorb the nurturing nutritive lotion.

Raywell bioCafa Lotion (step 3)
Hair loss prevention lotion for men with green cosmetics helps stimulate microcirculation, helpshair growth, cell renewal and nourishes hair follicles. Contains green coffee, Japanese camelia oil and bioproline.

What's in the box
1 x Raywell bioCafa Shampoo 250ml
1 x Raywell bio Act Scalp Activating Lotion 100ml
10 x Raywell bioCafa Stimulating Lotion10ml