Cera di Cupra Body Wax Strips with Argan Oil (20 strips)



Cera di Cupra Body Wax Strips with Argan Oil. Dermatologically Tested. Preservatives Free - 20 Strips

Cera di Cupra body wax strips ensure an effective depilation, leaving the skin smooth and moisturized for a long period thanks to the presence of Argan Oil, Beeswax, Calendula & Chamomile. 

Easy to use strips are also suitable on sensitive skin. Included are two after waxing wipes with aloe extract which help remove any traces of wax residue. 

100% Made in Italy Cosmetics. Cera di Cupra cosmetics are created within the Dr. Ciccarelli Pharmaceutical Laboratories and combine advanced technologies with a careful selection of the best ingredients and raw materials. Cera di Cupra is a favourite skin care brand in 60 countries across the globe. More about the brand - Blog

Included: 20 x Cera di Cupra Body Wax Strips; 2 x After Waxing Wipes with Aloe Extract